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Empowering the Community.


We are thankful to our community who came out and supported our fundraiser event. We had a great musical event through which we were able to raise funds to buy equipment and supplies for the schools we teach.

Donations are a vital element of Science For Future, as we are entirely funded by benefactors in our community. The science materials, books, and stationery items we provide students are entirely the result of funds. If you would like to donate, please contact us. We appreciate your time and support!

This Home Depot location donated more than 500 seed packets of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, two bottles of plant food, two bags of potting soil, six alive pansies, a watering can, and an unassembled garden box.‚Äč

Home Depot on 2181 Monterey Road San Jose, CA 95125

October 2012 - Science For Future would like to express its gratitude to Home Depot who very generously donated over $1000 in garden supplies to facilitate the current student garden project at AJ Dorsa Elementary.


2013 - Science For Future appreciates the potting soil and pots that OSH donated to Science For Future's gardening project at different elementary schools. 


Home depot donates to the dorsa garden

Orchard Supply Hardware on 
3000 Alum Rock Avenue
San Jose, CA 95121