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Village Elementary Science Fair, Round Lake, ILL
Our First Science Fair was held on April 2, 2019 at Village Elementary School. It was a huge success and parents came out to see their students work. One parent told us their daughter can't wait to go to school the day she has the STEM class with us.  The school has never held a Science Fair before and the children were very excited to present their work to the community. We hope we can expand this to all our schools and by the end of the next school year we plan to do a County-wide Science Fair with all the schools we teach at. 
John S Clark Elementary Science Fair, Waukegan, IL

We started at John S Clark Elementary School in 2016. Through the years the children of this school have enjoyed learning from us and are always very excited to have us work with them. With the support Principal Ms. Rodriguez we planned our Annual Science Fair. Ms. Rodriguez invited the Mayor of Waukegan to the Fair. Mayor Cunningham was very pleased with the work of our Science for Future team that he award our club president, Trisha Pate a Proud Waukegan Award and the rest of the team received a Achievement Award. We love working with the children and plan on returning to the school in the Fall.