It's amazing what education can do.

It was shocking to see how many fifth grade students, despite living in the Silicon Valley, had never heard of a cell or atom. I had grown up to love science largely because of the way I could see it in action in my elementary days. Seeing students lack the opportunity to explore science at the most basic level startled me to action, and in teaching students for the past three years, I have been continually amazed at how talented they are. 

Science For Future has taught 1000 students since its inception, and the work it does would not be possible without the principals who allow me to bring the program to their schools, the immensely dedicated volunteers, and community organizations who have provided us with resources to make classes possible. 

An immense thank you to the countless individuals who ever believed in and supported me or Science For Future! We would not be here with you.​
Snigdha Banda


Science For Future (SFF) is an educational non-profit organization that seeks to bring science education to students at low-income elementary schools. We envision a community of educated, innovative thinkers who commit themselves to the positive development of the 21st century in science and technology.

SFF works with younger generations to help them discover their area of interest in the scientific field. Our mission is to help students develop a thorough comprehension of science, educate them on the latest issues in the scientific world, and encourage them to be global citizens and take an active part in the community.





our leadership team 2019-2020

Letter from Our founder

​April 2012 - Snigdha Banda notices the lack of science classes for students at low-income schools by tutoring students through Catholic Charities.

August 2012 - Science For Future's curriculum has been developed and partners with its first elementary school in the Alum Rock School District.

June 2012 - Science For Future partners with three schools in the Alum Rock School District.

2013 - 2014 - Science For Future expands to three school districts.

March 2014 - Science For Future is recognized by the San Jose City Council and Mayor.

May 2015- Rishi Samarth takes over as President of Science for Future

September 2016- Science For Future expands to Illinois. Trisha Patel, President of Illinois Chapter starts teaching in Lake County Schools.

January 2019 - present-Trisha Patel takes over as President of Science for Future. Science For Future works at more than 10 low-income elementary schools throughout California from Sacramento to San Diego and Illinois. 

We are excited for the 2019-20 school year- Classes will resume in the fall. Please contact us if you are interested in the program.
Trisha Patel

Instilling Knowledge.

Empowering the Community.

President: ​Trisha Patel

Vice President: Priyanka Anand

Treasurer: Neel Patel

Illinois Chapter Presidents: Julia Dorr and Lauren Malenfant

California Chapter President: ​Mihir Kelkar